Why choose us?

Portuguese and Hispanic-focused Contact Center.

Why are we different?

SGG Contact Center, has developed a wide vision throughout its history. We are a results-focused company with strategic thinking and tactical agility. We are obsessed with human resources and advanced top-class technological assets. We have a flexible technological and physical structure that can be customized according to our clients' needs.

Main Assets

Human resources and technology, our main assets in that order. We understand that continuous human resources development and motivation are key for any company's success. This HR focus is our foundation, allied with technological evolution, we value innovation and world-class quality. This winning formula guarantees that your brand will be highly valued and that your customers will be pleased.

Ethics & Trust

We are obsessed to align our service quality with our clients' expectation, all within absolute and most outstanding ethics and trust, enabling our company to serve as an extension of your company.